Relieve Bunion Pain With These 3 Easy Tips on Shoes

Bunions might not be painful at the start. However, unsuitable footwear can worsen the condition of these bony bumps over time, leaving you in agony with every step you take. If your bunions are still in the early stage of development, remember these 3 simple tips when you buy shoes.

Give Your Feet Space 

The toe-box is the part of the shoe which covers your toes. Having a tight or narrow toe-box squeezes your toes, especially your big toe. The constant friction against the bunion can cause pain and stimulate it to grow bigger. Opt for sandals with no toe-box or shoes with some wiggle room for your toes. High heels are a big no-no if you have bunions. These shoes concentrate your body weight on your forefoot and hence can compress your toes even more and press on your bunion harder. With a roomier toe-box, you can also slot in bunion sleeves and bunion cushions into your shoes. 

Choose Shoes Made With Soft And Flexible Materials 

Shoes that are made with rigid materials like patent leather and plastic can irritate your bunion as it can rub against the hard material. Selecting a shoe with soft and flexible uppers allows it to stretch around the bunion rather than press on the bump. 

Invest In Stable Arch Support

When you wear shoes without arch support, your feet are more prone to leaning inwards and  place more body weight on the inner side of your feet. This can place more pressure on the bunion and encourage it to grow bigger. If you have flat feet or overly flexible feet arches, your feet arches already flatten more than normal so this pressure might be even greater. A low but firm arch support with deep heel cups can help to keep flat feet positioned properly and distribute weight evenly. Arch support that is too soft can sink and provide inadequate support, so make sure you choose sturdy ones that don’t lose their shape. Deep heel cups help steady your heel and prevent you from putting your weight on the bunions at the side of your feet. 

The right shoes help alleviate bunion pain and prevent their conditions from deteriorating. Keep in mind that prevention is still the best cure. Even if you still have perfectly healthy feet, you should invest in footwear with enough space for the toes, skin-friendly materials and stable arch support.

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