Our shoes are designed with the clear purpose of serving your body right. They have been manufactured for Asian feet, which tend to be smaller, wider and flatter. Every pair comes with proper arch support tailored to Asian feet to support body weight; acupressure massage points to relieve muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation; thick cushioning to absorb shock; extra cushioning in the heels and ball of the foot to effectively and evenly distribute weight; a wider outsole base that provides more stability and more space to accommodate wider feet.

Our shoes are also water-friendly and incredibly lightweight (each pair is only about the weight of an apple!). Every design detail we include serves a purpose. No frills and no more pain.


We will not use material or craftsmanship that do not meet our high standards, even if it means starting from scratch and designing the shoes all over again. Our shoes need to look good, feel good and support your body well in any and every circumstance so you can move freely and happily.



Functionality and aesthetics don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Just because shoes feel good does not mean that they cannot look good as well. We like a modern and minimalistic look that’s versatile enough to throw on with any outfit for any occasion.



We are committed to relentlessly co-creating and improving our shoes with everyone in our community. Any feedback matters a great deal to us. Please drop us a Whatsapp at +65 8432 7097 or an E-mail at with any feedback you have!