My life was never the same again after a wrongly taught Pilates class caused permanent damage to my spine in my postpartum. I could hardly walk after the class and couldn’t sit down at all for more than one year. Through my slow, rocky and unbearably painful recovery journey over the years, I learnt the life-changing magic of a good pair of shoes and gratitude for a healthy and mobile body.

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to heels and flats as heels exert too much stress on the spine and flats do not provide any support. However, I was also unwilling to resort to traditional orthotic shoes, which are not only very expensive but also clunky and heavy. So I started Sunnystep with a mission to help people move freely and happily, starting from the best walking shoes we can make.

I’ve learnt that the right shoes can improve our posture, provide balance and stability, allow us to walk or stand for longer, prevent injuries, offer support to our entire body and improve our quality of life. I wish more people would have known that. Every pair of Sunnystep shoes is designed to minimize stress on the feet and the body. It comes with a proprietary arch support, blister-free uppers and a wider front that caters to Asian foot shapes. Join our community to help change how the world thinks about shoes. 

- Founder Ting