In Sunnystep, we believe in living a life our body loves. Our products are designed to serve our body right. Our ambassadors are an extension of our brand and are an authentic and positive force in our community. 

Be Our Ambassador

You are an artist, a florist, an entrepreneur, a working mum, a doctor, a teacher... You come from all walks of life. You love passionately, work purposefully, and embrace what the world has to offer. 

You are not afraid of self-transformation. You are not afraid of being you. You love yourself and love your body.

You are a community leader and take pride in helping other people. You have the courage to speak and the heart to serve. 

How To Be Our Ambassador?

Please kindly share your referral link with your family and friends. You can find the referral link at the bottom right of our homepage by clicking on "$5 Off". If two or more people you referred make a purchase, you would be eligible to be our ambassador. Simply email or WhatsApp +65 84327097 to indicate your interest and we will follow up in person with a welcome package. 

What Are The Benefits?

As an ambassador, you will receive new product to try out, a strong network of like-minded people, and access to our affiliate program. You will join our team with a mission to help people take better care of their bodies. 

1. Refer Friends Win $5 off Each Purchase :)

Tell your friends and family about Sunnystep. Our shoes provide a one-of-a-kind arch support that will never sink. They are lightweight and comfy with a modern look. You can find your unique referral link by signing up online. Your friends can also use a customized discount code to get $5 off online at the checkout or offline at our retail stores. For each successful referral of a new customer, you will also get $5 off your next purchase.

2. Free Access to Posture Classes

We provide free posture classes on a regular basis to our ambassadors. You will learn about good posture from our in-house functional training experts who have decades of experience. We want to help you get stronger and healthier.

3. Exclusive Access to New Colors and Limited Editions

Our limited editions are constantly running out fast. They will be made available to our ambassadors first. You will also join our exclusive focus group to provide suggestions for our new colours and new designs. Exciting! 

If this sounds exciting to you, please email or message 84327097 for us to follow up.